Northwest Antique Barometer Restoration & Repair Service 



 Sorry we are only taking full restoration work





The Antique Barometer Restorers Company is a independently family owned barometer restoration company based in the Northwest.

We offer a complete barometer, restoration service available nationally.

The Antique Barometer Restorers Company, we provide the most technically advanced, and most efficient barometer restoration & repair service in the UK. The Antique Barometer Restorers Company employs a team of fully qualified experts including dial restorers, instrument makers, cabinet makers and French polishers.

Our management, staff and experts all share an obsession with quality. As a result, we have an enviable reputation and this passion for quality leads us to continually invest in the latest tooling, technical development and methods that can help us to continually provide the best service possible for our customers.

We also work very closely with the insurance companies and loss adjustors, wherever possible, we always RESTORE, rather than REPLACE whether restoring a priceless barometer, or a common aneroid barometer.


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